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Basel Accords Course

Basel Accords Course Overview: The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of how capital is regulated under Basel II, to provide an introduction to Basel III and to describe and to discuss in outline how they impact the day to day business and strategy development of the various elements and constituents of the financial community, who are working within their own national, regional but also within the global ‘financial' economy.

Basel Accords Course Duration,Location and Dates:1 day in London or Manchester. Click on the preferred location for directions to the training venue. 15 Nov 11, 5 Dec 11

Course Fees: £595

Who should attend?  Financially orientated and responsible commercial and business executives /owners / directors / managers who wish to gain and deeper and broader understanding of the Basel Accords Platform.



• To understand the role, value and importance of capital in a banks' balance sheet and to identify the composition and relative importance of the different measures of capital; from a regulatory perspective (i.e. Core Capital, Tier 1 Capital and Tier 2/3 Capital), particularly as they apply to the existing and emerging global banking/financial Industry.

• To know the structure and performance expectations of the Basel Accord platform (i.e. the minimum capital requirement, the supervisory review process and market discipline) & the key principles of each as they apply to the banking/financial community.

• To be aware of the latest developments and enhancements to the Basel II accord as introduced by Basel III. Especially, the renewed emphasis on core capital, the additional capital requirements for trading books, liquidity management and leverage, particularly as they apply to the global banking/financial Industry.

• To appreciate the potential impact on a banks' core business resulting from these changes, especially as they may affect and impact the strategies, policies & practices of the banking/financial Industry itself.




Basel Accords Course Coverage Overview - our guiding philosophy broadly follows an enterprise based and entrepreneurially focused route plan and will cover core business/financial research concepts, relevant business management theory and practice; as applied by the Basel Accords; following our business philosophy of ‘practice led and research based' and include dynamic elements our own research work, in this field.

Elements include, the current and anticipated role of capital, impacts and lessons from the global financial crisis, financial risk management perspectives, the minimum capital requirement, the planned supervisory review process, market discipline, review of pillar I, II and III, development of the Basel Accords I, II and III, the new global banking context, regulatory capital, pillar one - credit, market & operational risk, pillar two - capital adequacy, review process & stress testing, pillar three – disclosure objectives & requirements, core capital - criteria types & deductions, tier one capital - types & performance, tier two capital - types & performance, the status of banking - unique national perspective, capital composition - provisions & contingencies, capital ratio - cycles & buffers, risk weights & asset exposures - rules & standards, leverage - ratios & exposures, liquidity - principles & tolerances, liquidity management - models & costs. regulators - national & global, banking - strategies, policies & practices with an individual project - banking growth scenarios and case studies included.



Basel Accords is guided by the course leader's life time of knowledge and experience of business management practice both nationally and internationally in a number of industries. Our research base is supported by broad business experience and a relevant range of masters degrees ( together with PhD level research) in business related topics incl; an MBA - Masters of Business Administration, an MSc - Masters in International Marketing, an MRes - Masters in Business Research, a MACT - Masters of Creative Technology; and currently an MEnt in Enterprise Technology; all of which have been recently awarded by prestigious UK universities after a formal and intensive course of study by the program leader.

The program leader also holds a diploma in life (interpreted here as business success) coaching, a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Studies and an MACT in Person Centered Education. Research interests include an advanced level of proactive business research in four principal business areas namely; OPM (Original Entrepreneurial Opportunity), TPM (Developing EntrePreneurial Competence), CMH (Holistic Personal Development) and PMP (Global Creative Communications); all of our research has an enterprise and entrepreneurial focus and is based upon our unique ‘practice led and research based' business philosophy.




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