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Introduction to Bank Analysis Course


Introduction to Bank Analysis Course Overview: To provide detailed understanding of European banks' financial statements and master the analysis of banks' risk profile.

Introduction to Bank Analysis Course Duration and Location :2 days in London or Manchester. Click on the preferred location for directions to the training venue.

Course Dates: Contact Us

Who should attend? The course will benefit junior bank analysts and anyone with no or little knowledge and experience of the analysis of European banks' financial statements.


  • Understand banking industry and its products
  • Understand banks financial statements and be able to retreat the key items to reflect the real business profile of a banking institution
  • Know IFRS principle and how they impact both the P&L and the balance sheet
  • Being able to measure key ratios and explain their meaning



  • Main components of the a bank's balance sheet
  • Key element of the P&L statement
  • How balance sheet and P&L move
  • Different business models imply different asset structures
  • Importance of the shareholding structure: cooperative banks VS commercial banks…
  • IFRS accounting for banks and the issue of valuation: Mark to market, mark to model, historical costs
  • Off balance sheet items
  • Business management

o Strategy: how history can help spots potential risk
o Diversification: a strength that must be managed properly and in a timely manner
o Different types of diversification: geographical, product and
Income diversification
o Diversification ratios

  • Accounting retreatment: Building your own model

o Core business leads to Net Operating Income and Net Operating Result
o Loan loss provision and result after provision
o Other income, extraordinary income/loss and profit before taxes
o Net profit (before or after dividends)
o Key ratios: NIM, efficiency ratio, provision burden ratio, ROAA rather than ROE

  • Liquidity and Funding:

o Definition of funding source and difference between short-term and long-term funding
o Funding structure
o Stickiness of customer deposit?
o Volatility and no reliability for inter-banking and other capital market funds


  • Asset quality:

o Definition of non-performing loans, problem loans, sub-standard loans,
o Foreclosure : differences across Europe
o How to calculate asset quality ratio
o Loan loss reserve adequacy and evolution
o Impairments of the securities portfolio: impact on P&L and capita


  • Capitalization:

o Capital structure
o Key capital ratio: Core Tier 1, Tier 1 and Total Capital ratio
o Basel 3: the road to greater clarification and harmonization



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