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Time Management Course

Time Management Course Overview: To improve day to day effectiveness at work.

Time Management Course Duration: 3 Days in London, Manchester or Algiers

Course Dates & Course Fees: Contact Us

Who should attend? All staff and managers who need more productivity out of their working day should attend our Time Management Course.


  • To appreciate the consequences of being a poor time manager
  • To understand a structured approach towards planning their time
  • To apply prioritisation criteria and consider the choices available when prioritising work
  • To apply a structured process to deciding and prioritising key activities
  • To use assertiveness to negotiate deadlines, quality and standards of work
  • To discuss the ‘time robbers' in their work
  • To apply a range of tips and tactics to deal with the time robbers
  • To develop an action plan to tackle own key time robbers
  • To know what delegation is
  • To understand the benefits, and the barriers, of effective delegation
  • To apply a structured process in order to effectively delegate tasks to staff



  • The 9 dot problem
  • Defining time management
  • Consequences of being a poor time manager
  • The task instruction exercise
  • Task management : A flowchart
  • 2 criteria to apply when prioritising work
  • 5 choices for task and priority management
  • 3 steps to assertive behaviour
  • Time robbers exercise
  • 70 ways to better time manager
  • Solutions to time robbers
  • Delegation: what it is
  • Benefits to effective delegation
  • Tackling the fears to delegating
  • 10 steps to delegation


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"Excellent ! The trainer was patient with everybody and the course was well structured. I will recommend Evolia Training’s Personal Development courses to my colleagues."
Mark C.
London, UK

"The Business Writing Skills course was perfectly tailored to my needs. I am confident that I can now apply these new skills at work. Excellent facilities and good location!"
Sam B.
Manchester, UK

"The trainer was experienced to deal with overseas delegates and we were all well looked after. Lunch arrangements were excellent and the training course was well structured.

I can now go back to Africa and use what I have learned."

James K.
Nairobi, Kenya

"Perfect! This is my first training course with Evolia Training but I will definitely use them again in the future."

Ali E.
Dubai, UAE

" Modern and well-equipped facilities and excellent location. The training course was very practical and customized to meet my training needs."

Yacine D.
Algiers, Algeria

" Very approachable trainer and was made to feel welcome. Booking process was easy and efficient."

Abike O.
Abuja, Nigeria

" Very knowledgeable and competent trainer. All my questions were answered and the trainer was always ready to go the extra mile."
"I will definitely use Evolia training for my next IFRS course."

Jokoh A.
Lagos, Nigeria