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Mastering Order Book Scalping, Arbitrage and High Frequency Trading Course in Chicago

Mastering Order Book Trading, Scalping, Arbitrage and High Frequency Trading Course

4 Days of Training in Chicago by Veteran Order Book Trader Kevin Toch

Dates: 5th to 8th July 2016

Course Fees: Contact Us

Who should attend?

  • Proprietary traders
  • Individual traders
  • Screen Jockeys and Execution Traders
  • Programmers or Quants willing to learn how discretionary order book scalping is achieved and on what the successful strategies are based
  • Day traders and Traders who want to learn how order book scalping can be achieved
  • Any market participant wanting to achieve better order execution using order book entry techniques
  • Futures Traders
  • Equities Traders
  • Beginner Traders 



  • Learn how to trade by the book, with no charts, indicators or tools
  • Learn to understand the Market Makers and Liquidity providers activities in Limit order books
  • Learn how to manually Job futures directly by the vertical order book /DOM with no charts
  • Learn Spreading and intermarket arbitrage techniques
  • Learn Specific and Exclusive  trading procedures and setups
  • Trade with limited exposure and Risk
  • Recognize market conditions and volatility directly by the Depth of Market
  • Understand the impact of trading algorithms and market making bots on modern markets
  • Understand the impact of the order types and exchange matching algorithms on the market structure and microstructure
  • Develop a theoretical and practical understanding of order book scalping
  • Understand the raison why the strategies taught work
  • Understand the market makers role and games
  • How to use bookmap xRay as a trading tool and research tool
  • How to confirm trading entries using bookmap xRay




1) Introduction

a) Understanding modern markets
b) Trading Algorithms
c) Black Boxes and HFT
d) Common Misunderstandings
e) How the players impact the markets
f)  Liquidity Redefined
g) Volatility Redefined

2) Understanding the Futures Limit Order Book (Exclusive!)

a) The players
b) The Strategies
c) Liquidity Providers and how they work
d) Market Makers and how they work
e) How Does LP and MM impact the market

3) Understanding Orders

a) Order types and market impact
b) Limit Orders and what they mean
c) Market Orders
d) Stop orders
e) Players and Order types
f)  Execution Algorithms

4) Markets Correlations and Arbitrage (Exclusive!)

a) Why correlations
b) Major markets
c) Correlations and arbitrage opportunities
d) Understanding the environment
e) Day types, Market Condition and strategies
f)  How to trade the correlations using the DOM
g) Intermarket relationships and trading setups
h) How to Identify Market conditions using correlations
i)  How to use market correlations


5) Understanding The Order book

a) The DOM or MD Trader
b) Reading a Vertical Depth of Market (MD Trader)
c) The S Method (Exclusive!)
d) The D Method (Exclusive!)
e) Why is the S Method outdated in some cases (Exclusive!)
e) Using X_Trader

6) Types Of Markets

a) Thin Markets
b) Intermediate Markets
c) Thick markets
d) Implication on price action
e) What it means for market makers
f)  What it implies for order book scalpers

7) Practical Applications

a) Order Book Trading exercises
b) Using the DOM effectively

8) Understanding the Tape

a) What is the tape?
b) How to read the tape
c) Mayor setups
d) Tape reading and Arbitrage
e) Correlation readings and Impacts

9) Tape reading Vs Order Book Reading

a) Advantages
b) Disadvantages
c) Complementary Tools


10) Modern Markets

a) Understanding Modern Markets Structure
b) Understanding Modern Markets Microstructure

11) Order Book Scalping Tools

a) Platforms
b) Brokers, Prime Brokers and Commissions
c) Prop Desks
d) News feed and Squawk
e) Lines
f)  Back up and other precaution

12) Which markets To Scalp by the Book

a) The Markets
b) How to choose the right market

13) The Philosophy of Order Book Scalping (Exclusive!)

a) Scalping by the Book
b) Manual High Frequency Trading By the book
c) Swing Trading by the book
d) Arbitrage by The book
e) Spread Trading by the Book

14) Market Conditions

a) The 3 Market Conditions
b) Typical scenarios
c) Volatility
d) Identify the different scenarios Using the Order Book

15) Order book Scalping Rules

a) The right Attitude
b) The right Psychology
c) How to use these strategies
d) Which markets to trade
e) The right strategy for the right Trade

16) The Cycles of Volatility (Exclusive!)

a) Setting up the planning
b) When to work what strategy
c) Usual volatility shifts
d) Volatility and adaptation




17) Setting your own Rules

a) Daily Loss Limit
b) Stop loss
c) Volatility and Size
d) Exposure Time and Risk
e) Why those rules would save you
f) Scaling in
g) Scaling Out

18) Anticipation Entry Techniques (Exclusive!)

a) When to use them
b) How to use them
c) When to avoid them
d) Aggressiveness

19) Reaction Entry Techniques (Exclusive!)

a) When to use them
b) How to use them
c) When to avoid them
d) Aggressiveness

20) Before starting the strategies

a) Why those order book scalping strategies work
b) How to use them
c) When to use them


21) Speed Fade Strategy (Exclusive!)

a) Core Concepts
b) Defining the Setup
c) Type of market
d) Explanation of the setup
e) When to use the Strategy

22) Limit Go Strategy (Exclusive!)

a) Core Concepts
b) Defining the Setup
c) Type of market
d) Explanation of the setup
e) When to use the Strategy

23) Tape Arbitrage Strategy (Exclusive!)

a) Core Concepts
b) Defining the Setup
c) Type of market
d) Explanation of the setup
e) When to use the Strategy

24) Order Book Spread (Exclusive!)

a) Core Concepts
b) Defining the Setup
c) Type of market
d) Explanation of the setup
e) When to use the Strategy

25) Range Arbitrage (Exclusive!)

a) Core Concepts
b) Defining the Setup
c) Type of market
d) Explanation of the setup
e) When to use the Strategy


26) Developing Strategies

a) The Philosophy
b) The Rules of Creativity
c) How to implement new scalping Strategies
d) Examples

27) Practical exercises

a) Supervised Scalping in real market conditions
b) Writing Trades Down
c) Trader SWOT
d) Personal Assessment
e) How to deal with W and T

28) Conclusion

a) Conclusion
b) Questions and Answers
c) Last Word



    Mastering Order Book Scalping, Arbitrage and High Frequency Trading

    This unique , exclusive and intensive 4 days training course will be given by a professional order book scalper with 10 years' experience in Trading.  Every participant will have a trading station with Trading Technologies X_trader installed to practice all the strategies in real market conditions.

    4 Days of Training : 5th to 8th July 2016 (Chicago)

    All trading exercises will be done using X_Trader. The techniques, strategies and concepts could be used to trade Futures contracts, Nasdaq equities and all financial products with no designed specialist. Most exercices would be done on Cme, Eurex and Liffe futures contracts. Any vertical order book (=DOM, Ladder) could be used. The recommended trading platforms are Trading Technologies X_Trader, Stellar Trading Systems or CQG Trader.

    Course Fees: Contact us

    Seats are Limited




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