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The importance of time management in the workplace

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Time Management plays a critical part in the workplace

Time Management plays a critical part in the workplace. It can have a big importance on whether you will be successful or not and this applies to whatever industry you are in. Time Management allow you to effectively manage your time and know how to make the most of it. The importance of Time Management cannot be overestimated.

Being able to prioritise work is a major challenge for most people. As soon as work start piling up on our desk we tend to feel overwhelmed and we do not know what to do first. The Triage technique gives us answers to that growing problem.


The Triage Technique

A technique that has been proved to help prioritise the workload effectively is the Triage Technique. It is a technique that was developed during the Napoleonic years to treat wounded soldiers. Wounded soldiers were classified in 3 categories based on their injuries. 

In the first category, soldiers were likely to live. In the second category soldiers

were likely to die regardless of the care they could receive and finally the third category was for soldiers where immediate care was likely to make a difference. This technique helped in saving lives and proved to be much more efficient that if soldiers would have been treated on first-come-first-basis.

This technique has also been used by many armies during both world wars and proved successful. Despite the fact that we cannot compare Napoleonic wars with today's workplace this technique can effectively be applied to your work life.
You can use the Triage Technique to classify your tasks into the following 3 lines:

1.Things that are important but not urgent

An example would be resolving a minor issue in the office that can be resolved easily.  This should be in your priority list and should be resolved at the first available opportunity. You should try to get it done by a specific time before it becomes a bigger problem.


2.Things that are a lost cause or a waste of time

An example would be an old photocopy machine that keeps breaking in the office. The best thing would be to get a new one right away instead of wasting your time and effort.

3.Things that require immediate action for a positive development

An example would be coaching an under-performing employee so that he goes back to performing at its best.


It is very important to be able to “classify” your tasks so that you are able to give them the solutions they need. This will have a positive impact on the way you work and will influence your productivity.  What will allow you to become effective will be your ability to assess different tasks and situations and be able to take the actions needed to resolve them.

The triage technique offers a very efficient way to manage your tasks and become effective in the workplace. Try it now and you should rapidly see a difference in the way you work and how you will be perceived by your colleagues!

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